Neurons, Nervous System, AI, Neural Networks

Activity Related to Standard Deviation, Error, and Reaction Time.

Reaction Time Nervous System Mental Model development throughout the unit.
Worm Experiment/Animal Behavior Mental Model development throughout the unit.

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Assistant Experimental Design PBL Entry Document, Scaffolds and Rubric.

Series of Activities that help students go from basic so more complex neuron understanding.

Scratch Model of Neurons Sending a Signal

Compare the above video with these videos:
Beatle Deep Neural Network Video
Watermelon Deep Neural Network Video
Volkswagon Deep Neural Network Video
Then add to your understanding of neurons with…Khan Academy Neurons and Nervous System

Something to think about from Jeff Bezos…
Jeff Bezos Interview on AI, comparing Humans with AI 5:50 to 7:50 good comparison.